To S1-S4 parents: registration for sports and recreational activities 26-30 June

Dear parents, Our activity program for the week of June 26-30 was a huge success. We received more than 1500 visits to the registration site this morning.

Unfortunately, this played a role in the appearance of new blockages on the platform, which we took to heart to solve as soon as possible, among others by calling on Eventbrite's support services. 

We deeply understand the disappointment of the many parents who could not obtain a place. We ask for your understanding and indulgence. Keep in mind that we are a school dependent on limited IT resources, and not a company specializing in events.

Given the enthusiasm for this initiative, much greater than in the pre-covid period, we are currently organizing some additional outings, we will keep you informed at the beginning of next week.

Yours sincerely,
The Management