EEB2's got talent!

With over 2000 students and 200 teachers in secondary school we tend to follow our own highway and seldom cross the path of people in other year group, section or floor. There are many talents in our school community, in this column we will share our discoveries and present some of our talented members. Open your eyes, you might cross their path in the future.

The project

This column is a collaboration between S1 and S6 students.  

The 3 writers are in the French section of S1:

  • Zoltan Aron Balogh is originally from Hungary. In primary he started a newspaper project. He likes fencing and plays guitar.
  • Ella Nour de Biolley is Belgian and German. She has lived in Jerusalem and Lebanon and loves soccer.
  • Adèle Lesenecal is French and Latvian and loves sport.

Elisabeth Pesch-Konopka is a talented photographer from the S6 NLA class. She is part of the media club and covered the Brumun event in October 2023.

If you have a suggestion for a future article please contact Caroline Jeanjot, S1 adviser: 


The team