Medical service

The infirmaries at the European School Brussels II (Woluwe site and Evere site) are designed to provide first aid to pupils in the event of an accident or illness during the school day.

On the Woluwe site, the nurses are :

  • Chantal Pinck
  • Joëlle Bombaerts
  • Marie-Laure Hayt

The infirmary is open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. During this period, you can contact the nurses on 02/ 774 22 15 (14) or by e-mail at

On the Evere site, the nurse is :

  • Rym Chrigui

The infirmary is open from 8am to 4pm. During this period, you can contact the nurse on 02/774 22 91 or by e-mail at

The infirmary is under no circumstances a place where children can be treated for ailments that occurred before they arrived at school. If a child is ill, he/she stays at home. If, despite this, a child arrives at school sick, parents will be contacted directly to collect the child.


  • Take charge of pupils in order to provide first aid
  • Assessing the care provided
  • For a minor problem, the child is treated on the spot and continues his/her school day.
  • For simple aches and pains (headaches, stomachaches, sore throats, etc.), the nurses administer medication such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, nux vomica, etc.
  • For more serious but non-urgent situations, parents will be called to collect their child and take him or her outside for medical attention if they feel this is necessary. The same applies if a pupil has a high fever or severe flu symptoms.
  • For any situation deemed urgent or even life-threatening, the nurses will call 112 and the parents will be asked to go to the clinic where the child will be treated.


If a child requires specific medication, this will be administered by the nurses. Parents are asked to give the medication, the dosage, the duration of treatment and the doctor's prescription to the medical service.
Please note: for children suffering from severe allergies requiring an injection of adrenaline (Epipen), it is essential that the medication and the medical protocol are handed in to the infirmary in a box bearing the child's name. Ideally, a meeting between parents, child and nurse is desirable.

Any change in the child's physical condition during the school year must be reported in writing to the medical service as soon as possible, so that the best possible care can be taken.


School medical examinations are compulsory.
Biometric tests (weight, height, eyesight, hearing) are carried out by the nurses.
Pupils are then seen by the school doctor for a primary examination (breathing, heart, teeth, etc.).
Parents receive a report of the medical examination in the following days.

The pupils seen for the medical check-up are as follows:

  • P1
  • P3
  • P5
  • S2- S5 (Woluwe site only)


If your child has an accident at school (during school hours) or on the way to or from school, you will receive an AIG school declaration. Please follow the steps below:

  • Fill in the section reserved for the child's details
  • Have the doctor complete the section reserved for him or her
  • Return the documents to AIG