Practical information

    Information brochure for new pupils



    • Beginning of lessons at 8.30
    • End of lessons at 15.20 or 16.10 according to timetable
    • wednesday
      • End of lessons at 12.50 (S1-S5) 
      • According to timetable (S6-S7)



    Material and book lists




    Open to pupils every school day, during normal school hours. 

    Mr. Vincent Wouters, Secondary librarian

    Tel. 02/774.22.20


    ​Pupils can get a locker key from their year group educational adviser on payment of 30,00 € (15 € of which will be reimbursed upon receipt of the key at the end of the pupil's schooling at the EEB II).


    Medical service



    The secondary school's psychologists, Mrs. Simina Turcu and Mrs. Anne Delorme, share a full-time schedule and are available for children every day. Feel free to contact them for an appointment.

    Simina Turcu (EN-NL-DE-SW-FI-LV-LT-ET sections): : 02/774.22.62 - Tuesday  & Wednesday (8.30-15.30), and Thursday (8.30-16.30) (office 423)

    Anne Delorme (FR-PO-IT sections): : 02/774.22.33 - Monday & Friday (8.30-16.30) - Wednesday (8.30-14.30) (last room in the hallway of the S3-S4 educational advisers' office)


    Counselling centre

    Pupils who wish to take advantage of the Counselling Centre may do so by going to the counselling room (room next to the S3-S4 study room).  Pupils may make a appointment with the guidance counsellor of their choice in strictest confidence by simply putting a written note in the mailbox of the Couselling Centre.  They may also ask to see someone from the management, any member of the medical or psychological service of the school or any teacher with whom they feel most at their ease.


    Each pupil must have a school diary (agenda) from the first school day, including name, name of parents, address and useful phone numbers in case of emergency. The diary, a very important working tool, must be carefully kept up-to-date. It serves to note homework but also acts as a means of communication between teachers and parents. For classes from 5th Primary school to 7th Secondary school, a standardised school diary is obligatory.


    School reports

    To enable families and the school to follow pupils’ evolution, reports will be distributed four times a year.


    School gym kit

    Pupils must wear the school gym kit for physical education.

    On sale via the APEEE.



    Parents are asked to mark children’s clothing to avoid lengthy enquiries for lost property. Articles found by the school staff can be retrieved by pupils in the "EURÊKA" rooms (see the APEEE's website for more information regarding this matter).