Meeting with two survivors of Auschwitz

On Monday 4th February, our pupils from S4 to S7 had the honor to welcome Tatiana and Andra Bucci, two survivors among the 230.000 children who were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau during the second world war. With a great deal of emotion, they talked about their past, their memories, the splitting apart of families and the small details which allowed them to survive despite the horror of deportations and concentration camps.

Juvenes Translatores 2019

Ance Martinsone, a 17 year old student in her last year of school at EEB2, won this year‘s Juvenes Translatores contest for Belgium. She translated a text from English into Latvian, her mother tongue. Juvenes Translatores is an annual translation contest for students born in 2001 held by  the Department of Translation of the European Commission.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day was Sunday 27th January. EEB2 will never forget the lessons of the Holocaust. Image thanks to the museum and Holocaust documentation Centre ‘Kazerne Dossin' in Mechelen, Belgium from where 25500 Jews and 350 Roma and Sinti people were transported to Nazi extermination camps. Most perished, only 5% returned. The tinted photos show the survivors. Never, never again!

Waste Mission: because nature also deserves our respect

Students from S1 and S3 took the initiative "Waste Mission". The goal of this initiative is to collect garbage (using gloves) at school during their free time. They want to educate other students at our school to throw and sort their garbage in garbage cans.  We are proud that students of such a young age have voluntarily taken this great initiative. We hope that they also inspire other students and members of our school.