2018-2019 Calendar

In accordance with what has been announced a few months ago, the definite and complete 2018-2019 calendar will be published as soon as it is available, during the month of April. Please do not contact the EEBII and the Office of the Secretary-General regarding this matter. We thank you for your patience.


Model European Council

EEB2 was very proud to send 10 ministers to this year's Model European Council in Alicante, to represent Bulgaria and Italy. This year was especially important as Bulgaria holds the Presidency of the European Council at the moment. This meant that our students had write the lengthy and detailed proposals in advance, chair their council sessions, and work behind the scenes to get the proposals voted through (with several amendments).

BRUMUN Declamation Champion 2018 is Saibh Breathnach, S5 En

As EEB2 completed its first Model United Nations event at Eurocontrol yesterday, Saibh won an incredibly competitive declamation final, defeating a number of really talented competitors. Saibh performed a superb version of the hugely challenging Oscar-winning masterpiece, Howard Beale's speech from the film Network, when the news studio anchorman suffers a mental breakdown on live television and turns into a mad prophet.