MUN 2017

EEB2 is pioneering a new Model United Nations (MUN) experience for European School students and international school students in February 2018.

The committee have been working for months to create a new website for this project and recently launched  where you can find out all about the conference.

The hard-working committee are:

  1. Secretary General – Emma Haglund
  2. Conference Manager – Alessia Houghton-Clarke
  3. Financial Manager – Erik Hummel
  4. Head of Administration Staff – Marion Koiv
  5. Head of Accommodation & Press – Astrid Bruhn Hermansson
  6. Deputy Secretary General – Marie Houot
  7. Deputy Conference Manager  – Paola Vander Velde
  8. Deputy Financial Manager – Anika Karmarker
  9. Deputy Head of Administration Staff – Inkeri Kalimo
  10. Deputy Head of Accommodation & Press – Katriina Surquin
  11. Programme Consultants – Kia Katainen, Luuk Karmarker, Ferdia O'Byrne (EEB4)

Find out more about MUN by watching the conference we attended in Munich last year -  

We are recruiting (1) Delegates; (2) Administration Team Members (25 members maximum - only a few places left); (3) Media Team Members (20 members - only a few places left) - most of all, we are looking for delegates. Apply here:

Eurocontrol, the amazing facilities where EU flights are coordinated, will be the venue for two of the days - the other two days will be at EEB2 where we will convert part of the school into a real-life conference venue - join us and learn a lot about current affairs, dress like business people for four days and concentrate on developing your public speaking skills. We have kept the cost of the conference to an absolute minimum - but we have also ensured it will be very professional in presentation so that we can give you the authentic MUN experience - information about costs and what they cover can be found here:

During the conference, there will be a declamation contest with big cash prizes and public speaking workshops - we hope you will take this unique opportunity to focus on one of the greatest life skills any young person can leave school with - a life skill belonging to the most influential people throughout the ages from Demosthenes to Cicero to Abraham Lincoln to Winston Churchill to Barack Obama - the life skill of public speaking.