Belgian Badminton championships

Our pupils have excelled at the recent Belgian Badminton championships! Martim SOARES (p5poa) became Belgian champion in U11 double boys and Belgian vice champion in U11 boys singles. Luisa PAGLIARA (s3ena) became Belgian vice champion in U15 ladies doubles, Miguel SOARES (s1poa) received the bronze medal in U13 boys doubles. Nils STRÖMÖ (s3sva) also participated and was eliminated in the round 16th. Congratulations to all!!

Pupils' initiative

Some of our S2 IT students have taken the initiative to collect the litter in our school on a regular basis. Thank you to the following pupils for this wonderful initiative: Elena Borgini, Elisa Cairoli, Cesare Carnaccini, Valeria Criscuolo, Angelo Cristillo, Lorenzo De Grandis, Luca Filigheddu, Dario Gerardi, Sofia Ingrassia, Federica Luciani, Virginia Maltese, Melisse Margaira, Rebecca Matarazzo, Clara Micucci, Natasha Tcherny, Roberto Putti and Tiago Zadra!