Pupils in a play

A number of the students from EEB2 have roles in Snow White, the next panto performance by the English Comedy Club, on 19-21 January at the Auderghem Cultural Centre. Do not hesitate to go and support them!

EEB2 choir

In what is arguably the most ambitious project ever by an EEB2 choir, a group of EEB2 students prepared for months - in many cases learning Estonian - for this huge Estonian festival of music which went out live on national television. Amazing work yet again by the music department! EEB2 students make their first appearance in this recording at 2.02: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itEvxczNAnU


I would like to remind you that badges must be worn at all times on the school premises. Car stickers must also be visible on entering the School site with your vehicle. Thank you for your collaboration.

Simon Sharron, Director